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Yoga Pranayama by Swami Ramdev

"I have brought to you a package of seven simple breathing exercises," Swami Ramdev " announcs. "these are enough to tackle all diseases". "The healthy can practise for two hours daily while the sick will have to put in more efforts". He urged the people to be moderate in their attempts and not over exert. He asked them to reduce medication as their health improved and not to stop medications all of a sudden. He also prescribed some simple stretching exercises to exercise the whole body.
"Do not go in for medication," was his constant refrain. "Whether it is allopathy, ayurveda or homeopathy, medicines should be the last resort if you wish for permanent relief. You cannot achieve good health without some physical effort on your part. Even those taking medicines should continue with the exercises. We are all being constantly bombarded with pollutants; without detoxification by way of deep breathing you cannot stay healthy".
"It is breath that keeps you alive. Nobody has died while breathing. Life and death is in God's hands but let us not hasten our end by neglecting the breath. The breathing exercises provide oxygen to the cells, rejuvenate them, and takes away toxic waste. It regulates, digestion, assimilation and elimination. My brothers, take deep breaths, follow my advice of healthy food, high thoughts and a simple life to be happy and lead a productive, patriotic, altruistic life. Poverty is not the absence of wealth, it is the absence of humane qualities, lack of manly abilities, and the absence of the desire to serve humanity."
"These breathing exercises will clean you at all levels. Disease will fall off and also your bad habits and passions. Good thoughts will replace your destructive tendencies. Patriotism and social skills will improve. Your ability to work hard will improve. All sloth will go, your body and minds will feel light, you will be filled with energy and become model citizen. But my brothers you have to practise what I tell you. It will not do if you just sing my paens and crowd around me for blessings. Baba Ramdev does not cure anyone, pranayam does. I am not here to preach, my yoga is not oratorial, it is practical. Do the yoga and feel the benefits."
What are these seven breathing exercises? They are;

1. Bhastrika : Take deep breath and release. Do it effortlessly, fill up your lungs and force the entire breath out. Do it with a rhythm. Imagine that all the energy of the Cosmos is entering into you. Feel that all your poisons are being expelled. Do it for 5 minutes if you are relatively healthy. Repeat for another five minutes if you are ailing, but gradually as you get accustomed. Bhastrika is very important for all kinds of skin problems, however serious and however strange. Not only leucoderma but also people suffering discoloration due to burns have benefitted from sincerely practising this pranayama everyday. More...

2. Kapalbhati: Take in air into your stomach and push it out with a jerk. Only your stomach should move and not your body. Your outbreath should cause the adams apple to move as it pushes through the throat. Normally one should do this for fifteen minutes, five minutes each three times. People with cancers and
other chronic diseases should do this twice a day totalling 30 minutes. Swamiji places a great importance on this pranayam which he says will help diabetes, regenerate insulin producing beta cells and also help the
organs in the stomach, the lungs and the heart. It will open blocked arteries in the heart. More...

3. Bahya Pranayam: Take a deep breath and release. Completely push the stomach in as you force the breath out and hold. Move you head downwards till the chin is fully in touch with the upper portion of the torso. Hold this position for 15 seconds and then move the head up as you breathe in. This is to be repeated five to 11 times. More...

4. Agnisar:  Take a deep breath, pull the stomach in as you breathe out. Now hold the breathe as you move the stomach in and out in a rhythmic fashion for 15 seconds. Then breathe in again. Repeat this three to five times. This helps a lot with the digestive and eliminative process. More...

5. Anulom Vilom: Another very important pranayam. Sit straight, close the right nostril withyour thumb. Place the forefinger on the forehead, then breathe in deeply with the left nostril. Now close the left nostril with the third and fourth fingers joined together and breathe out through the right nostril. Take a deep breath again through the right nostril, close it with the thumb, release the left nostril and breathe out. This is one cycle. Repeat this cycle continuously for five minutes. In total do it for fifteen minutes five minutes at a time three times. This pranayam recharges the entire body, opens all closed apperatures, sets right the entire flow of energy within the body and activates the chakras. More...

6. Bhramari: Close the ears with your thumbs, with the second third and fourth fingers close the eyes, rest the first finger on the forehead, keep the mouth closed. Now take a deep breath. Release the breath through the nose while making a loud humming noise with the throat. The noise should reverbate through the entire body. Repeat the exercise five to 11 times. You will quite enjoy this pranayam which will relax you and activate all the glands of the head. More...

7. Udgeeth: This is also a very enjoyable pranayam. Take a deep breath and release the breath through the mouth making the sound "Om". Repeat this five to 11 times. This puts you in touch with the divine element within you. More...

"Finish the pranayam exercises with a short contemplative meditation. Thank your Guru and God. Request the divine for a healthy, productive life. Then raise your hands, rub the palms to generate some heat and then place your palms on the face as slightly massage your face. This is the package of the seven pranayams."
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Anuloma- Viloma Pranayama Method of closing the alternate nostrils

Fifth procedure: Anuloma- Viloma Pranayama; Method of closing the alternate nostrils
  • Raise your right hand and with its thumb close the right nostril (pingla nadiand while closing the left nostril use the ring finger and middle finger of the right hand. 
  • The palm of the hand should not be in front of the nose; it should instead be held away to the right side. Since ida nadi(left nostril) represents moon, lunar power, coolness and calmness, anuloma- viloma Pranayama is started from the left nostril for cleansing the nadi(energy channel). 
  • Closing the right nostril with the right hand thumb, we should gently fill the breath inside through the left nostril. 
  • When the inhalation is complete, we should close the left nostril with the ring finger and middle finger of the right hand and exhale completely through the right nostril. 
  • The rate of inhalation-exhalation should gradually be increased from medium to vigorous. Inhale vigorously with full force and then exhale. Make the rate of inhaling and exhaling slow, medium or fast according to your capacity. 
  • If you do puraka (inhaling) and recaka (exhaling) at a fast rate, there is a loud sound of breathing. After you have exhaled completely, keeping the left nostril closed, fill in complete breath through the right nostril and exhale it through the left nostril. 
  • Thus, one set is completed. 
  • You have to do this procedure non-stop, i.e. inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling through the right nostril, and then inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left nostril.
  •  One starts feeling tired by repeating this series for one minute. 
  • When you feel tired, take some rest and begin the Pranayama again when you feel better. 

Thus you can begin this Pranayama by doing for 3 minutes and go up to 10 minutes. After practising regularly for a few days the capacity of a learner starts increasing, and in about a week he can do this Pranayama nonstop up to five minutes. With the constant practice of anuloma- viloma the energy lying in the muladhara cakra (pelvic plexus) starts awakening. Vedas call it being μurdhvaretas (one with an upward movement of semen), and in the language of modern yoga it is known as kundalani jagarana (awakening of serpent energy). While doing this Pranayama one should chant and meditate upon 'OM' in his mind with each inhalation-exhalation. By doing so, the mind gets situated in the sublime state of dhyana (meditation).
The noble resolution (Siva sankalpa) during anuloma viloma
While doing this Pranayama, you should think in your mind that with the friction and churning of breath in ida and pingla nadis, susumna nadiis getting awakened. From the eight cakras right up to the sahasrara cakra (cerebral gland) a celestial light is moving upward. My whole body is aglow with a celestial light. One should meditate upon a celestial light, illumination and energy inside and outside the body, and realise 'om kham brahma'. One should think that God, the controller of universe, is suffusing him with divine energy and divine knowledge. Initiate yourself into the discipline of 'saktipata'. Guru (preceptor) is only a catalyst for attaining sakti (energy); he only connects you to divine vibrations. In fact, 'saktipata' (instilling of energy) is done by OM, the Supreme Lord, the limitless ocean of energy. Thus, by practising this anuloma-viloma Pranayama, by getting suffused with divine vibrations, one will be blessed with a lot of physical, mental and spiritual benefit. A light will stir up automatically from muladhara cakra (pelvic plexus), kundalini will awaken, you will become 'urdhvareta' (one with upward movement of semen) and will find yourself automatically suffused with divine energy.
Duration of anuloma- viloma Pranayama
  • Filling in the breath with a rhythmic flow for about 2½ seconds through the left nostril, and without holding it up, throwing the breath out gently through the right nostril in about 2½ seconds, and immediately after throwing it out through the right nostril, filling in the breath effortlessly through the right nostril in 2½ seconds, and without holding it up, throwing it out in a rhythmic flow through he left nostril in about 2½ seconds. this procedure should be done nonstop for bout 5 minutes. although it may be a bit tiresome in the beginning. 
  • Don't use too much of force and don't raise the elbow too high while doing anuloma-viloma n this will enable you gradually in 5-7 days to practise anuloma-viloma for 5 minutes at a stretch. 
  • One set of anuloma-viloma Pranayama will be performed in 10seconds, i.e., 6 times in one minute. In a sitting of 5 minutes anuloma viloma is performed about 30 times, and if a healthy person or a person suffering from light common ailments does it for the prescribed duration of 15 minutes, it will be performed about 90 times. 
  • Persons suffering from incurable diseases like cancer, leucoderma / vitiligo, psoriasis, muscular dystrophy, SLE, infertility, HIV, AIDS, kidney diseases, etc. should practise anuloma-viloma Pranayama up to 30 minutes. 
  • When the practice gets perfected anulom-viloma pranayama can be done for 15 minutes or even half an hour at a stretch.
  • This Pranayama cleanses seventy-two crore, seventy-two lakh, ten thousand, two hundred ten nadis (energy channels). With the cleansing of all the naOE∂s the body becomes completely healthy, radiant and strong.
  • All the vata diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, gout, Parkinson's Disease, nervous debility, etc., all pitta diseases like urinary diseases, tissue diseases, spermatorrhea, emissions, hyperacidity, heart burn, skin rashes etc., all kapha diseases like colds, catarrh, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, cough, tonsils, etc., are cured. All the three dosas are pacified.
  • Blockages in the arteries of heart are removed. With the regular practice of this Pranayama, almost 30-40% blockages are removed in 3-4 months. We have tried it on a number of patients.
  • All disorders of cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, etc are removed.
  • Negative thinking is transformed into increasingly positive thinking. One starts attaining bliss, zest and fearlessness.
  • In short, this Pranayama purifies the body, the mind, the thoughts and the dispositions. All the diseases of the body are cured, and the mind is cleansed and gets absorbed in the meditation of 'omkara'.
  • By doing this Pranayama 250-500 times, the serpent power (kundalani shakti) which lies with head downward in the pelvic plexus (muladhara cakra) holds its head upward, and the process of kundalini- awakening sets in.

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Yoga to maintain youthfulness, personal beauty, vigour and happiness.

Swami Ramdev started the ascetic order and learning the scriptures through Swami Shankerdevji Maharaj where he fully mastered it. According to Baba Ramdev he was physically paralyzed before taking up the yoga. Today, through his yoga camps Yogi Baba Ramdev has been able to rid people of many ailments such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Thyroid Problems, Hypertension, Blood pressure, Stomach ailments and several cancer types without the use of any medication. Such is the power of the great swami and his method of teachings.
The yoga taught by Swami Ramdev consists of the Yoga Sutras (from theSamkhya philosophy and the Bhagavad Gita) that focuses on the achieving Samadhi through the use of practicing meditation. This can be achieved by using following the eight limbs that are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama,Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.
Yogas for Life: A series of Yoga to maintain youthfulness, personal beauty, vigour and happiness. 
Mulabandha Kumbhaka is a process by the practice of which maintains youthfulness.
By the repetition of the Suryabhedi Kumbhaka, cephalalgia (pain in the head) is relieved, corryza cured, and the worms found in the frontal sinuses are expelled.
By the exercise of the Ujjayl Kumbhaka a Yogi enhances his personal beauty.
By the practice of Sitkdra Kumbhaka a Yogi becomes learns to live as an independent being.
A Yogi is said to acquire great tenacity of life and power of repairing the effects of injury by Sitali Kumbhaka.
Bhastrika Kumbhaka promotes appetite opens the three superior valves of the intestinal canal and cures all pulmonary and hepatic diseases.
Bhramari Kumbhaka consists in respiring rapidly with a view to augment the animal heat by quickening the circulation.
Mtirchchha Kumbhaka induces fainting and not for the unripe yogi.
Kevala Kumbhaka cures all diseases purges from all sins, promotes longevity, removes darkness of mind, enlightens the moral nature and awakens the soul.
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